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Observational Studies and Bias in Epidemiologic Research

Subject areas: biology, mathematics, environmental science, health sciences
Grade level: 11th and 12th
Level of difficulty: high
Prerequisites: Students should have: basic knowledge of algebra, biology and health sciences; understanding of the measures of disease frequency and association used in epidemiology; knowledge of the descriptive and analytic research designs in epidemiology.

Summary: This unit includes in-class exercises guided by the instructor whereby students come to understand practical demonstrations of the presence and impact of bias in epidemiological research. Students will be able to identify and appreciate the effect of bias in epidemiologic research as well as apply basic biology and mathematical knowledge to study the causes of disease through epidemiologic research. Students will also be exposed to design methods used in epidemiology to avoid or minimize bias and identify the circumstances in which the results of an epidemiologic study may be biased.

Download Observational Studies and Bias in Epidemiologic Research (.pdf/149k)
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