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Teaching Units

Teaching Units

Epidemiology Teaching Units for the High School Classroom

Welcome! All of the high school-level instructional units on this site are designed for you freely to download and use in your classroom.

Epidemiology is an interdisciplinary science that can be a valuable tool in almost any high school classroom. To help you incorporate epidemiological insights into your existing curricula, we encourage you to utilize these short instructional units. All of the units are classroom tested and are the result of collaboration between a high school teacher and an epidemiologist.

Before you Begin...

Certain groupings or clusters of epidemiological concepts work logically together.

To become more acquainted with epidemiology and explore a suggested approach in teaching elements of the science, read the Intellectual Framework, which will orient you to many important principles of epidemiology.

Each unit explores and emphasizes one or more epidemiological themes.

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